Nutrition, Nature and Nurture

Combined, these determine our outlook on all types of 'food'

Nutrition and the diet

We tend to think of our food merely as a fuel for our bodies, yet our minds and emotional states are just as reliant on what we put in to shape what we get out

Attitude & opinion

Our attitude shapes many things, our attitude towards our health dictates what we think is ok to eat – and what is not

Then & now

Placentophagy is by no means new, and you will not be the first or last person to question its place in the world

We're a Community Interest Company

Our mission statement is to deliver nothing but goodness!
Our service is offered on a not-for-profit basis

On top of this a minimum of £25 is donated to maternity units our clients use during the birth process. We see this is an integral part of the process of offering placenta-based services. Without effective support from your midwifery team the miracle of birth might not have been as miraculous!

  • Improved mood
  • improved energy
  • very positive

Cambridgeshire Placenta Pills C.I.C

We are a husband & wife team, who decided after searching for services available, to encapsulate our pacenta after the birth of our daughter this year.
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My inspiration behind the company is that it’s still really difficult to find someone to do it for you. Most people want to buy their produce ready processed, and that option should be available to those wishing to experience the benefits of consuming their placenta!
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At first I was against the idea… But Mat got some equipment, carried on about it and now I’m a convert!